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A fairytale, dreamlike café boutique

An experience

The Pink Company is a dream come true. You will find the interior carefully planned and taken care of for maximum exposure. Any corner of our Café Boutique is a good spot for a great picture. Add to this premium beverages, luxurious pastry, a top class menu & high quality service – you would never want to leave!

Art is all in the details food


At TPC we only work with top quality products. Fresh berries, fruits and baked bread. Farm eggs, various ecological milks (coco, almond, oats). We do not buy bulks of food and keep to a minimum standard of food waste.

Edible Flowers

All of our flowers are edible and according to season. We pretend to the very extend possible work with local flowerfarms. We also use edible gold leafs and powder to highlight our plates, bakery and strawberries.


Our menu is short but varied, we take pride in presenting a plate that not only speaks for it self but also visually makes an impact. We do not massproduce our menu, and therefore the food might take a little bit longer than in a regular Café or fastfood chain. We won’t dissapoint you for keeping you waiting!

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