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About us

About us

Juliana is the creating force of our projects & events, the eye that sees it all, details are a part of her DNA. With endless love and passion she creates beautiful, inspiringly spaces . Julianas story is admirable, beeing fairly new to Sweden and not fully mastering the language she is managing 2 companies with her own brand and style. Mother of 2 baby girls and with the consistency and drive that makes her aim higher every day, her only wish is to make her customers happy, to share warmth & love.

Valle is Julianas partner in crime, both at home and in business. 20 years of communication, sales and project management skills are blended in the creation of our visions. Everything taken care of in detail, executed and reviewed. Suited up or not, nothing is irrelevant for him. He wants to make you feel as the most important customer. Because that’s what they both believe, all customers are the most important customer.

They put mind to work and founded The Pink Company – To leave no one indifferent, to put colors & elements in motion. To dazzel you.

Everything comes to life with a little help from their friends, with the vast network of PR agencies, companies and influencers they gathered thru the years – TPC is likely to give you more than one surprise.

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